Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good gear but crappy DPS

Are you decked out in purples but DPS like your rocking the blues? Well Everything Over Powered is here to help. First thing we need to look at is your talents to spec according to what is needed. After you have picked a build now we need to build on that solid foundation with some nice glyphs that really drive home the damage. Next you need to reach your hit cap. This is the most important stat to have as a DPSer. Any points over cap is wasted any points under means your not prepared. So run heroics, gem, and enchant your way until you reach hit cap. Your raid with thank you. Once your hit capped you need to stack damage, haste, and crit into every piece of gear you get. Either with gems, enchants, or set bonuses. Finally you want to make a macro, or three, of a DPS rotation. Not every encounter is going to favor your macro so try to think about how to apply your macro to general encounters.

Now your ready to top the DPS meters and not look like a scrub.

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