Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alas, poor Warlock! I knew him well.

Pre-BC I played a Priest because I wanted to be the best healer I could. I healed every instance/raid I could and was very geared out. It was not uncommon to get 10 whispers soon as I logged on "Hay wanta heal UBERS? We have Warlock and can summon". Ahh those were the days healers, esp Priests, were in high high demand. Then when BC came out I was sick of healing and wanted to try DPS out. Shadow priests were still being called Warlock "wanta bes" and could not compete with the DPS other classes were doing. So after 1 year of playing nothing but my Priest I decided to re-roll a Warlock and not be a wanta be anymore. After about 5 weeks I had a level 70 Warlock and full shadow damage crafted gear. I was'nt just topping the DPS charts I was ROCKING them. Times were good again. Our guild had Kara on farm and were progressing up to BT pretty fast. Then I took a break from wow to work on my business. When Wrath came out I decided to roll a DK WITH EVERYONE ELSE. My Warlock was sitting by waiting for a good time to re-dot the world of warcraft. When I decided to play my warlock again here is what I noticed what was wrong with the class...

Dots take waaay to long to do damage

Fear is a joke with diminishing returns
Reverse blink is not an escape
Demonology tree is not a pvp tree
Every class needs on cloth gear
Free HK

In short, I will not play my Warlock again until Blizzard fixes 90% of these issues. I have the feeling other Warlocks feel the same way. Buff my Warlock.

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