Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gear priority is so old school

Playing as a bear and boomkin has allowed me more access to more gear, but I still get frowned on by the uninformed player when rolling on cloth. Take the raid Naxx for example. There are about 6 pieces of caster DPS leather. Now look at the DPS caster cloth there is about 22 pieces of caster DPS cloth. Clearly Blizzard wants other caster DPS classes to roll on those items. If they did not then why is Naxx itemized so?

-Old way of thinking
Clothies get priority when rolling on cloth gear
Druids can only roll on leather
Spirit does not help in damage
Druids can't use polearms
The earth is flat

-New way of thinking
5x the amount of cloth drops in instances/raids. So if it's an upgrade roll on it.
Druids get to roll on cloth
Spirit helps in damage
Druids can use polearms
The earth is round

When raiding don't show your noobness when that boomkin rolls a 97 against your 86 to win those cloth DPS shoulders then you cry about it. Or when that polearm drops and that Druid beats out your Hunter. Suck it up and stop QQing you don't want to look like a DPS warrior.

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