Monday, October 12, 2009

Leveling a Paladin 72 - 80

Ding 80!...for the 5th time...
It has taken me 6 days 1 hour 33 mins and 15 seconds completing a little over 1000 quests to go from 1 - 80 on my Paladin. I used heirloom items from level 1, made sure I always logged out in an inn, and did not work on any professions.

What I have learned about my classes spec while leveling...
Nothing I could not have picked up from a practice dummy, a few minutes reading over elitist jerks forums, and designing a few handy macros. I basically pressed 3 buttons from 1 - 50 then added a fourth at level 50 - 80. Because I play on a pvp server I did have to use my bubble, /wave, harth button a few times when the occasional level 80 tried to gank me.

Do we really need 6 days of play time to learn a class?
No. In fact Blizzard should have an option to start at level 80 if you already have an 80. Once you raided with other classes you have a very good idea what is needed to play that class well. Questing does nothing but teach us how to be better questers NOT better players. I could have mastered those 4 buttons in 15 minutes or less.

Now what?
I am going to work on engineering and maybe armorsmithing. My two specs are going to be holy/ret for pve and pvp. So far pvp healing on a Paladin is fun fun fun. Can't stop the healing powerhouse from getting 10k healing crits. Muahhaa