Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deleted comments on wow.com...Part 2

Well looks like our good buddy Adam Holisky followed up his controversial posting on wow.com. Turns out the reason why I can't post, and not posting there anymore, is because I asked for sources/proof for this supposed "leak" of new classes. I would have taken any link to any other creditable source just to check the claim. Then I got banned from commenting any further and all previous comments deleted.

"And while most of those people who are yelling are getting banned from our site over the next few hours (there’s so many of them)"

Banned for disagreeing with the powers that be. That is very mature of you guys, but hay it's your site. If you have no evidence then you have no case to prove anything. Period. /facepalm

"Third, no one will reveal their sources. This is a founding principal of modern journalism. Anonymous sources stay anonymous."

No. The founding principal of journalism is backing up facts with evidence and not "anonymous" here say. If you are making outlandish claims you must site your sources as credible or lose all credibility. I know news sites want to be the "first" to break the story, but there has to be some type of data to back up claims. Otherwise the integrity of the site is at risk because of misinformation. Next time wait until an official statement from the source has been made, report on said statement, and provide links to the source.

"and would be forced to be a burger expert at McDonalds. McDonald's."

Adam maybe you should try your hand at flipping burgers. I hear they may also need some help in the fry department too.

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