Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over powered Shamans

Shamans were THE original over powered class with a nice slow double hander and wind fury totem. Oh the humanity! I bet players were rerolling Shamans left and right. Then here comes Blizzards nurf hammer *POW* the Shamans are not so OP any more....Then BC came along and Shamans got a pass because EVERYONE was QQing about Warlock damage and forgot to look at Shaman utility. Like some well orchestrated plan the Shaman community cried "Hay Blizzard you nurfed us! Now give us buffs!" Oh the ground was soaked with tears and Blizzard answered.

Now Shamans can lay 4 totems down at once, regen mana/health 2 ways, raid wide buff 4 different ways, have a fiery pet, Blood Lust....and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong I love the OP Shaman in my raid. I just wish I rolled a Shaman instead of a Priest.

What other class can raid buff so well AND top the damage/healing meters?


  1. I argue Shaman are not OP. They are a great utility class, have excellent mana regen (Ele and Enhance) and make great raid healers.

    They do not do all this while toping the damage meters, nor are they coveted MT healers. They provide tons of raid utility, and fill any roll they are speced to well, but are far from OP.


  2. I don't think Shamans are OP, but they are defiantly pushing the envelope. They top the damage meters and give so much useful utility to any group. I love to have them in any group I am in but jealous of the scaling utility they provide.