Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So many alts...It's Warlock time!

Like many players of world of warcraft I have many many alts. My tank is a Paladin, Melee DPS is a Rogue, my Healer is a Druid, and my ranged DPS is going to be my Warlock. Even with the increase of XP and decrease of mob health leveling is just a grind to 80 and soon 85. This week I will be dusting off the old warlock, of all classes, to be my ranged DPS bringer of pain. Affliction was my spec of choice back when I raided Naxx 25 this time I want to go demonology for a few reasons...

1. Way more survivability
2. Access to stuns
3. Raid buffs
4. High damage and a lot of fun

The biggest complaint I had with affliction is lack of survivability. With demonology you get a pet to share damage with and oh yeah he can stun too. Demonology has to do with spell procs so your going to need a a mod like eventviwer to monitor procs.

Talent points and glyphs
Build with glyphs: 0/56/15 is the demonology warlock build right now. If you like you can switch points from improved demonic tactics to demonic empowerment for a little more pow.

Gem spell power and more spell power and then some more spell power.

Spell priority
Spells no longer have rotations but priorities.
1. Life tap and Metamorposis
2. Corruption
3. Immolate
4. Shadow bolt with incinerate when molten core procs
4a. Soul fire with target below 35% and esp when molten core procs

Demonology is no longer the pvp/utility only tree, but is now a raid viable option to warlocks. So have fun stormin the castle.

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