Friday, January 22, 2010

What are words for?

I read an interesting article on about in game chat in world of warcraft. So I thought I would comment on it over here. You know that way it can't be voted down or have my comment deleted for rocking the boat of the pro PC crowds. I guess some people can't take the blunt truth. The posting goes on to support niceness in game making sure not to ever bruise someone else sensitive feelings with such harsh abrasive words. Next the writers give tips on how to keep from grouping with and reporting/telling on someone for not being nice. Are you serious? Please do everyone a favor and get over yourself.

If you don't like someone in the group then put them on ignore and drop group. Simple as that. No need to get yer pants in a bunch over what was said. In fact if you engage in a conversation or stay in group you are relinquishing your right to be offended. In other words you don't have a leg to stand on.

Just move on and don't waste brain power on someone that is not worth your time.

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