Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pally Power

I have been leveling a Paladin with my brother the last 10 days. Before I go into detail I have leveled 4 toons to 80 with the priest being the hardest hands down. I tried leveling a Paladin before 3.0 to 70, at the time max level, but was board to tears. I even called ret speced Paladins "lolret" and wondered why they did not respec to tank or healer. Then came patch 3.0 and ret Paladins went from the worst DPS spec in the game straight to top. It was the ret Paladins revenge. After 3.0 came out I would run when I saw a ret Paladin. My my how things have changed for the ret Paladin. Paladins are a force to be reckoned with and feared, still, in BGs and world pvp.

Now let's review bonuses the Paladin class gets over other classes...
1. Can wear all armor in the game.
2. Can full heal every 20 minutes.
3. Can bubble and hearth/full heal every 5 minutes
4. Can reduce ALL damage by 50% for 12 seconds every 3 minutes
5. Can heal/restore mana with damage received and restore health on damage applied
6. Can heal without changing forms
7. Can move faster than anyone once mounted

Being able to wear ANY armor you find is massive advantage over other classes. With a large amount of gear available you will have no trouble gearing up in end game raids. Some DPS mail/leather drops and no one wants it? Take it for ret DPS set until you find DPS plate. Some healing mail/leather/cloth drops? Roll on it for your healing set. ANY plate drops and you have a chance at that too. Being armor versatile means you have options to upgrade faster.

These bonuses are HUGE on leveling and even bigger on PVP servers. When leveling anytime you can reduce downtime and decrease damage taken the time to level is going to be minimized greatly. On a pvp server there are always going to be gankers, greafers, and 80s waiting to take you out. Even an 80 won't be able to kill you once you bubble. A full heal, reduced all damage by 50%, is HUGE in pvp. How frustrating it has been over 5 years of going toe to toe with a Paladin only to see them heal to full, bubble heal to full, and then escape with a bubble hearth. Now it's my turn...

I have been rocking out a tanking Druid but after seeing the HUGE advantages Paladins have. I will be switching my main over to my Paladin once I hit 80. With little down time, reduced damage, great buffs, full heals, and bubble hearth. The Paladin is a very powerful class in all pve and pvp situations. I am seeing why the class is so popular and what other spells and skills they posses.

If you can't beat them...roll one.

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