Thursday, September 3, 2009

WTB class switch

Blizzard is offering up so many character re-customization options these days. Will Blizzard finial add the ultimate customization class switching? Many many players feel this would be a move in the right direction for the game. If you already have multiple level 80s rotting away because your sick of playing that class why not switch them over to something you want to try for $15? I am leveling a paladin right now to 80 and as much time as I have spent leveling I am sick of the grind. Everyone is sick of the grind to 80. There is almost zero fun in getting a quest, killing 10 spiders, and turning it in for the 1000th time. I already have the 80 so why not? Come on Blizzard take in a little more of my green and offer up a class switch service.


  1. The only thing I see wrong with this would be leveling one of the "easier" classes like hunter or (I have never done it but I hear)warloc, then switching to one of the harder classes to level like priest.

    That might be thought of as "cheating".

    Not that I really think this is the case, but I could see the QQ coming.

  2. Yeah players QQ on boh sides. I have seen players QQ about the reduction of mob stamina, quest turn in XP gain, and heirloom items.

    I say let them QQ all they want. How does me switching from 1 class to the next hurt their game play?