Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Being an avid gamer has enriched my life and allowed me to stay connected with family and friends. People I would have lost contact with if it were not for games. I not only socialize with my real life friends but also with my on-line friends. Watching movies/TV is nice but I would rather participate than view. The skills I have learned from gaming are...

1. Competitiveness
2. Strategy
3. Discipline
4. People networking
5. Computer networking
6. Computer enhancement

Gaming has kept me away from drugs, drinking too much, and hanging out with the wrong people. Also gaming has helped me earn a living, set goals, and modivate myself in every way. Because of games I have a wife, car, and house. I have traveled to different countries and around this great country we live in. I do recognize hard work leads to a positive goal. All this because of gaming.

Games make you a more efficient at what you do. Because they challenge your mind like your body gets challenged in the gym.

Thank you games.

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