Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rogues to the ground!

"As many of you have suspected, we think rogue damage is too high. We will be making hotfixes to lower the maximum damage output of Assassination and Combat rogues."


Blizzard you want Rogues to be top DPS because they are a pure DPS class. So what is the deal? What Rogues bring to the raid is pure, hard, fast, top DPS. Now your taking that away now? I guess your happy with Hunters because as a raid Rogue, Hunters are barely .01% below Rogues on the DPS meters. With other classes getting buffs and able to bring more to a raid than top DPS why would you bring a Rogue?

How about this. Buff other classes DPS to be closer to that of a Rogue? Instead of lowering the top end damage of a class that can do nothing but help a tank hold agro better, do good DPS, and vanish to save on repair bills.

I will be leveling my hunter from 72 to 80 this weekend. The warlock is still just to "stay in 1 place and hope they die before they become immune to fear with no escapes and do sub par DPS" class.


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