Friday, January 8, 2010

Health care is OP

Normally I could careless about politics because honestly no matter who is in office I don't benefit either way. I just want the best the best person in office. Health care is the hot topic on the minds of the American public because it is all about to change.

The break down
The health care in America is second to none. So health care is not the issue here at all. The way health care is paid for IS the issue.

Insurance companies main goal is to charge as much as possible and deny/limit as much coverage. In fact insurance companies have limited out of state competition making it possible to raise rates even higher. Hospitals main goal is to get you into the hospital, come back for the "cure", then come back again in 1-6 months for a check up. Now that a relationship with your doctor is there you want to come back to the same place. Reality is the hospital is much like an amusement park once your there they know you are going to pay a lot. You wont even care because your insurance is going to pay. Or so you think...

So insurance companies want you not to use their coverage and hospitals are setup to turn 1 visit into at least 3 visits, and hopefully a life time. What is happens now? Insurance companies have gotten wise to hospitals over charging for everything so they limit what can be done and limit what can be used. For example my wife had a back operation. We had to make sure....

1. The Doctor was covered by our insurance
2. All surgeons were covered in our plan
3. All drugs did not fall into the "too new/experimental" category
4. All machinery was covered

Wait a minute! I thought I had insurance and could just show up and get fixed! No no NO! We even got a bill from the hospital for a doctor that came in the operating room while my wife was under anesthesia for $4000. Insurance right now is WORSE than socialized medicine ever could be.

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  1. Here! Here!
    While I am a good California Liberal (tm) I also try to stay out of politics as much as possible. But I think it is rediculus that someone in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet has to choose between life saving drugs and food, or heat or clothes on their back.

    Also I am so deeply entrenched in the "middle income" bracket that regardless of who is in office nothing will change for me.