Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Battle over the hilt

The Battered Hilt is a rare epic drop that starts a quest ending in an epic sword/mace. For an assassination spec Rogue those are not very good choices.

Sword rewards
Non-sword rewards

What Rogues DO need is gold for items enchants like Berserking going for 800-1200 gold right now. The battered hilt is going for 10k - 20k gold on the AH. That would cover enchants, gems, and repairs for the next few gear upgrades. Clearly Blizzard wanted the quest item to be rare and sell-able on the AH by not making the item BOP. People lucky enough to get the hilt can use it for gold or an item. The spoils of war are your to do with what you want.

There are, of course, two schools of though on this...

Don't roll on the item unless you are going to use it.

and the..

I can use gold so I am going to roll on it.

Let's tackle the "unless you are going to use it" school first.
1. This school complains about a boomkin/shaman rolling on cloth.
2. This school will later stalk the AH seeing if BOE gear, that dropped in last nights raid, is being sold in the AH.
3. This school demands BOE gear is equipped right then and there.
4. This school complains when if other DPS are doing 10% less then them and wins a roll.

Now the "I can use gold crowd"
1. This school does not care if other classes need on gear they can use.
2. This class enjoys playing the AH and understands supply and demand.
3. This class does not equip BOE won gear until they are ready.
4. This school may not be doing top DPS but they is why we are here in the raid in the first place. To get better gear.

If you can use and item or gold. Roll need on this item.

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  1. Nice succinct post! This is always a really tough topic to cover. I understand and appreciate both sides of the argument (and it's clear which side you favor ;D), so I'll just put in my two cents.

    I always suppress my monetary desires to someone that can really use the item. Those in the "use it" pool have usually been burned by people saying "Yes, I'm going to use it", then they see it on the AH when that player could've used it. I've seen people take off a piece of gear so they can roll on it's duplicate, then sell it to another raider who really wants it. Shady, in my opinion.

    Essentially, there are plenty of other ways to make gold other than selling the hilt. Professions, rare pet grinds, playing the AH, etc. If I see the Hilt drop in my instance, I hope that people that want to sell it would hit "Greed", the button even you refer to as the button to hit when you want to sell an epic in your "Frozen Orb - Need or Greed" article. The same applies to the Hilt, in my opinion.