Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What the future holds for WoW 11/04/09

Traveling into the future is not possible yet, but we do know ho to slow the present down letting the rest of the known universe pass us by on the grand time scale. Simply travel as close to the speed of light in any direction for x hours and come back to the future y millions of years later.

Time = speed+distance

What does this have to do with WoW? I want to give you a peak of my predictions, of what I think, lies in store for the future of WoW.

1. Class change service.
With the additional paid services like name change, faction change, gender change, and race change Blizzard is putting in place. Blizzard is getting pretty creative is extracting addition money for it's large player base. With a fairly new moto like"Take the player not the class" you know they are not opposed to giving the player base what they want.

2. Looking For Raid system to operate much like new LFG system
Blizzard is famous for building off what works. Cross realm BGs were just the foundation of what is around the bin for raids. With the LFG system going in place for instances Blizzard is just paving the way for cross realm raids. CRI will get polished for a few months then expect to see looking for raid changes going out.

3. Leveling speed increased and level cap stopping at 85 or 90.
Leveling has never been faster than it is right now, but that does not mean it can't go even faster. Expect to see options to start characters at max level after completing a series of phased quests, think DK starting zone, but coming out max level rocking the blue gear. Class balance is all about talent points. The more talent points to deal with the greater the difficulty of balance. Honestly I could go without ever having to level. Just scale the dungeons and mobs for a tier of gear. If your char does not have x then mob hits for y and has z health.

When these changes go into effect you can link this blog and say "Told you so".

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