Monday, August 17, 2009

Bear Tanking

The old saying "Jack of all trades, masters of none" can really be thrown right out the window now. Druids can fill any role there is and do it well. So well in fact most players who play a Druid don't want to play any other class. Not because Druids don't want to because all they have to do is go respec/switch talents and gear then poof they are filling another roll.

Bear tanking spec

Bear tanking stats

When looking for tanking gear you're looking for gear with high stamina, agility, and dodge. Druids gain a large bonus to health so pack on the stamina. Agility helps with crits and dodge so don't overlook that when geming/enchanting. Druids can't use sheilds, our big sexy paws can't hold one, so we rely on avoidance through dodge. A fresh 80 should be looking for 30k health with 32% dodge and 400 defense.
Bear tanking macros
Macros make life 50x easier for everyone. If you not using macros yet you need to focus about 2 hours today making for first few macros. Bear tanking macros are the easiest on the game. Here are the only 2 I use.

#showtooltip Mangle (Bear)
/cast Mangle (Bear)
/cast !Maul()

#showtooltip Lacerate
/cast Lacerate
/cast !Maul

Keep a free key close for swipe, FF, and growl and now you got some tanking power.

Closing thoughts
Druid tanks have been a little light in recent times, but I have come to find out they are a welcome addition in any raid. Don't let other raids tell you you can't roll on that leather or cloth. If it's an upgrade roll on it. After all you did contribute.

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