Monday, August 17, 2009


Security has a price of about $7 delivered. For about the same price as a master lock you can get a Blizzard Authenticator to protect your account from hackers. Being a security minded person, because of my job as a network admin, I have come to question integrity while divulging worst case scenarios. So $7 is a small small price to pay to know my account is unhackable now. With keyloggers, untrusted patch mirrors, posioned DNS entries, and brute force attacks your account is very substitutable to compromise. Takes about 30 seconds to setup while being even easier to use. First add the authenticator to your account. Next log in your wow account. Finally push the button and type the 6 digit key. Takes an extra 10 seconds to log in while saving you a huge headache later on. Not to mention I sleep better at night too knowing my account is safe.

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