Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rolling a new toon

Blizzard is removing perm tree form from Druids and turning tree of life into a trinket buff. YUUUK! Why oh why!?! forms are the core mechanic of the druid class provifing a all important perma buff to a druid and raid you never have to think about. Bad Blizzard! So in lieu of playing my druid and being forced to heal in cow form. I have decided to cash in my token emblems for heirloom gear for a Orc Enhancement Shaman duel spec resto. Playing a Shaman is fun fun fun and dare I say over powered. Even levelling a Paladin was not this easy. I get mana back 5 different ways! Utterly destroy groups of mobs and heal to my fullest potential in the same form! I choose orc because of the radials for pve/pvp. Extra damage from axes, extra pet damage, 15% stun reduction, and 2 min bonus damage/spell power. Orcs make the best Shamans!

I que as dps and healer for random low level dungeons and get insta enter dungeon messages. Healing as a Shaman is easy easy easy and very powerful. Way better and funer than my Pally/Priest every was. I wish I could convert my priest to an orc Shaman but that is not available right now. My Shaman is level 51 right now and should be heading to outland in 4 days and then northrend in another 4 days. I would guess another 18 days of casual play until I reach level 80 and here is where the real fun begins. My plan is to...

Ding 80 > learn new abilities > buy new glyphs > buy all healing gear I can on the AH > run heroics until I get about 3 pieces of gear and some decent upgrades > Join ICC 10 group and soak up all the healing/DPS mail.

This should take about 3 days from fresh 80 to ICC geared. The ICC buff coupled with overly geared DPS/Healers/Tanks will carry me into gear drop heaven. I will jump straight from Heroic gear to ICC gear same day. Also this will allow me to jump over every piece of content from naxx to TOC.

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