Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cataclysm alpha

According to an ultra secret insider that has close connections Cataclysm alpha is launching today. But Skonged what does that mean for us? Sit right down and let me tell you the tale of Cataclysm...

Your gear your wearing now is going to be replaced with level 81 quest greens.
Level cap raised to 85
The old world will be remade
Alliance can play as wolf men and Horde can play as goblins
New second profession
Maybe some new dances this time Blizzard?

With the new LFG system and XP gained in BGs you can ding 85 without ever doing 1 quest. As of now I have 6, soon to be 7, level 80s. I do hate questing, as do 90% of the player base, so any way I can get around questing and still level fast is a welcome one. Questing does nothing but teach the player to kill mobs, find boxes, and deliver letters. If I designed quests I would make them story driven with fun objectives. The final stage of the quest line would grant you 20% of a level. As evident with the level cap only being raised 5 levels Blizzard reconizes the monotiny of questing. Reducing the amount of time to 85 is proof of that.

So when is Cataclysm coming out?
When it's ready is the lawyer answer from Blizzard, but here at ETOP we have top men on a release date. By our calculations of previous release dates, then dividing them by our 7th grade locker combination, Cataclysm should be released June 28th 2010. Honestly Blizzard's Alpha grade games are other companies beta grade and some even gold grade.

Can I get in on this Alpha?
No, not unless you work at Blizzard or are a friend/family member of someone at Blizzard.

If I can't play Alpha what about Beta?
You will get an official email from Blizzard if your so lucky.

Can't wait to make my OP Shaman Goblin.

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  1. I have a cousin that works for Microsoft. He is very good friends with someone that works at Blizzards Seattle Datacenter. I have been begging my cousin since August to get me a alpha invite. So far no dice. I guess I should call him again this week.