Friday, December 11, 2009

Naix, Gone again but not forgotten

-2009 @ 3:08PM
Adam Holisky said...
Heya Naix,

How's it going? Did you think we wouldn't find out?

-2009 @ 8:58PM
Adam Holisky said...

Oh, well, then let this be a lesson then to future tolls. Behavior like this won't be tolerated. wants its comments to be better than what we see on the general forums.

Failure to post above that level will result in a ban.

Thanks for understanding all.

On my account used for linking back here was discovered to be another account that was banned. *dun dun dun* The information is basically plastered all over my blog about who I am. Not really hard to view traffic and link reports to see where this is coming from. Hay even I got network traffic reports too.


Avg. Time on Site
% New Visits
Bounce Rate
158 1.73 00:05:10 87.97% 57.59%
153 1.75 00:10:09 95.00% 65.00%
1.43 00:08:28 100.00% 71.43%
179 1.80 00:12:22 0.00% 60.00%

Not to bad for 1 day is it? So considering I was never "hiding" I never really cared if I my account was found out. After all my other account was deleted how else was I suppose to inform and entertain?

Yes future tolls let this be a lesson to you all. Consider your selves warned tolls! The typo makes me laugh, but I get what Adam means. What is a troll really?

Someone who sole goal is to disturb a forum and bring it off topic.

For some reason people who disagree while backing up their argument with facts in their rebuttal are labeled trolls. Reply's were met with troll responses because they disagreed with my points. *shrug* Having my comments "darkened" really helped me find my comments. I consider it a badge of honor.

So let Adam's stern warning thwart any thoughts of disagreement you may have. Just agree with everyone, give bland comments that don't rock the boat, and above all don't talk about selling epic gear you win in a raid. It could result a 3 minute new email/ account generation.

I have no hard feelings against anyone at Really do enjoy the site and information they provide.

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