Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cataclysm - is everything

The early signs of Cataclysm are upon us. If you have not noticed there are strange earth quakes happening all over. Many mechanics have been places into 3.3 that Cataclysm will use. Hints of the next big expansion of world of warcraft are being revealed. I have a feeling more and more signs will emerge as more time passes.

The two major races, Worgen and Goblin, have been introduced. Their racials skills are pretty amazing. This leads me to believe Blizzard will revamp all races with similar stats. It looks as if stats will include damage/improved casting, escape, and a nice passive. Worgens look cool, but I like horde too much. So my next character is going to be a Goblin Shaman. I already have the leveling chest, shoulders, and working on ring. Figure it should take 1 month to hit 80 and historically Blizzard has configured the XP rate to take a months time to level to max level of current expansion.

Image credit: Paul Adam

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