Friday, August 21, 2009

Blizzard....making wow funner

Blizzard is always reinventing wow. From new talents to talent tree remakes it seams Blizzard is never satisfied. In recent years Blizzard has been adding features into wow to reduce the amount of time to level to 80. This is a awesome move in the right direction for wow as an mmo. leveling to 80, or 85 soon, is by far the worst part of the game. Nothing feels more like work than killing 10 mobs, collecting 8 boxes, and delivering a letter to someone. *Yawn* Some people claim that leveling helps you learn your class. This is simply not true at all. All leveling does is teach you how to have the least amount of downtime when killing mobs. THAT IS IT. Having raided with 100s of people, at max level, that have no clue how to play their class or even basic game play. I can honestly say leveling does nothing for end game expectations of...

Moving out of fire
Removing curses
Avoiding a giant charging boss
Focusing on the raid

So here is a solution Blizzard. Grant users the option of starting new toons at max level ONCE you already have a max level character. It takes all of maybe 45 minutes to setup keys, set a rotation macro, and start searching the AH for some greens and blues. This will remove the worst part of the game for seasoned game players.

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